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Sacramento Kings VS New York Knicks



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Sacramento Kings VS New York Knicks match analysis

Well, let me start this by saying that I have considered the handicap, but with it being so low, I think that this market simply offers more value, fair and square. Both teams are poor in defense, so expect a high-scoring game here – anything can happen and the Knicks should not be rated as the underdog – small things can decide the outcome here. None of the teams is playing that well at the moment, but form-wise, there is a good chance that the Knicks will reverse their poor record – they are trying, but the results just are not coming. On the other hand, it sometimes really seems that the Kings are not even trying – they really have some very poor losses thrown in. So what makes them the favorites here? The home advantage? You cannot say that has helped him much so far in this season, can you? So why should it help them here? I do not see a reason and that is why I rate the odds of 2.54 as good enough (and having a lot of value) to play in this match-up. If the Knicks perform to their best, they will get the win from Sacramento.
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