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Orlando Magic VS Phoenix Suns



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Orlando Magic (-10)

Orlando Magic VS Phoenix Suns match analysis

The Phoenix Suns are playing a lot lately and this is a match that will basically end their recent heavy schedule. It is important to notice that in this kind of situation, the team has almost always lost heavily. Furthermore, Steve Nash is questionable and I wonder how much can the team do against Orlando without him being 100% fit. The bench of the Suns is not exactly great and Orlando always know how to perform against that kind of opposition - they just crush them. The Phoenix Suns have been soundly beaten by Miami last night and after such a tough match, another uphill struggle with an unfortunate ending should be expected. All in all, this might be an even fight in the first half, but as the fatigue sets in, the Suns will be forced to eventually abandon their hopes and I fully expect a double digit win, even though it may come only in the final quarter or two. Of course, as always in NBA, there are things that can go wrong - but here, I think that the handicap is reasonable in this situation.
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