Free Tennis prediction for Salzburg Challenger:
Denis Gremelmayr VS Karol Beck



AT Austria



Denis Gremelmayr VS Karol Beck match analysis

The tennis pick of the day for me. Lots of negatives and accusations surrounded Karol Beck lately, but he is still a solid player when he plays to his best. He desperately needs to get some ranking points at the very end of the season, as he has not achieved much this year. He has already beaten his opponent, Denis Gremelmayr, in 2008 - the match was quick and clean - 6-3, 6-2. Since then, Beck has definitely improved more than Gremelmayr and he will be looking to prove that here.Yes, Beck did not have any great results this year, but he was at least playing against many solid players - Gremelmayr spent most of his time in lesser tournaments and especially on clay. In this tournament, Beck has so far looked like the more consistent player, while Gremelmayr has been struggling a little bit. All factors seem to point to Karol Beck here and while it usually isn't a good idea to bet on the favourite in these lesser tournaments, I am willing to take the risk here at a pretty solid odds with higher stakes. Good luck.
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