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Washington Wizards VS Memphis Grizzlies


US United States


Memphis (-3)

Washington Wizards VS Memphis Grizzlies match analysis

The Memphis Grizzlies - what a strange team at times. Their record looks pretty poor, right? Well, the Wizards are not much better and they are way overrated in this one. They may even be without John Wall for this one - but even if he makes it (which looks very unlikely to me according to the reports I have read) and gets some points for them, it should not be enough against the Grizzlies. They are the much better team overall and have the edge in basically everything. Also, they should be up for this game, since they will be up against Miami next time out and let's be honest, a win cannot be expected from them against that team. So the concentration and focus should be mainly on this match, especially after some unlucky defeats lately. 3 points handicap is definitely not a problem (when they win, they usually cover even more – no late game surprises there) if they get rolling and I fully expect them to do that. No injury worries at all for the Grizzlies. Good luck, but I hope it won't be needed this time.
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