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Boston Celtics VS Oklahoma City


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Boston (-8)

Boston Celtics VS Oklahoma City match analysis

Well, the recent H2H records show that if Boston wins, he wins with a solid edge. And here, they are coming off a very solid win while the opposition, the Oklahoma City, looks very good, they look good only if Kevin Durant plays well. And guess what. Yep, he is probably missing. Jeff Green will still be missing and those two together are important for the side - when both are missing, things can go ugly pretty soon. Boston have such a good defense - I think I do not need to state that they should hold Oklahoma at bay, while scoring heavily themselves against a rather average defense. This game feels a lot like the Magic game yesterday and that went in quite comfortably. Boston usually do not let go in the late game and play well until the end, so a double digit win is more than likely here. Without Durant, this should be rather simple. He is the key part of the team, averaging about 28pts per game. And that is huge. But even with him, it should still be very possible for Boston to cover this handicap.
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