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Sacramento Kings VS New Jersey Nets


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Sacramento Kings VS New Jersey Nets match analysis

Once again, I am having a play against the Sacramento Kings. Of course they will win some of their matches, but I think that will take some more time. And at 2.49, who will say that it is a bad pick? Firstly, the Nets are definitely playing better than the Kings at the moment. They have had some unlucky losses and some solid wins in their campaign, but they are performing more or less as expected. The Kings, however, are still down and struggling. The players lack confidence, will, the right mindset is not there. So why should they be such a solid favorite? Unless they finally start performing, they will not win. Simple as that. And if they start badly, their heads will go down once again and they can lose heavily. 2.49 seems like a great deal in this kind of match-up, as I am convinced that their chance is definitely not worse than fifty percent. I am not that much in betting according to the trends, but if yo are, here is something interesting - the Sacramento Kings are 7-23-1 ATS in their last 31 home games. And even though I am not playing the spread line, it definitely shows that the fact that they are at home should not be defined as an advantage at all.
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