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Blackburn VS Aston Villa




Aston Villa

Blackburn VS Aston Villa match analysis

Lower stakes, but well worth a try I think. In fact, this is all about the clash of different styles we will see here and I think that Aston Villa should be favored to get the most corners here because of that. The styles of play of the two teams suggest that Villa may be the one that will try to counter-attack and get some corners as they have always done in many of their matches. Blackburn, on the other hand, is a team that plays a rather rough game and although it is quite effective in getting results, it seems to be less effective in getting corners. Recent matches also suggest that this bet is a trustworthy one. I do not dare to predict the result of the game, as anything can happen really and we may even see a pretty slow and poor match without many chances. What I believe however, is that Aston Villa will be the team that will attack much more in this clash and as a result, they should get more corners. The odds we are getting are nice enough, I would say that something like 1.8 would be fair.
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