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Washington Wizards VS Philadelphia 76ers match analysis

Washington Wizards is team with a lot good players like Arenas and John Wall. They have so far 4 win in 12 games, i think that they can play much better. One of the reason why they have sow bad score is injury of their first star J. Wall, he didn't played last 2 games and tonight he is expecting to play because his injury isn't serious. Philadelphia have 3 win in 13 games, in last game they surprisingly win against Bucks and stop 4 defeats in a row. Today maybe their first player Andre Iguoduala also will be back after injury, but 76ers is very limited team, one of the worst in nba. Tonight will be duel first two pick on last year draft, first J. Wall vs. second E. Turner. Wall is much better scoring amazing 18.1 points per game, on the other side Turner only 9.2 ppg. Wizard sing yesterday Gee but i think that he wont play also Josh Howard who is much longer injured. 1.95 on handicap 2 points on Wizards is very value bet, Washington in last 13 home games versus Philla have 10 wins. Arenas under is also interesting to bet under 19 points...
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