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Partizan PMB VS Zalgiris




Under 146.5

Partizan PMB VS Zalgiris match analysis

Pretty much we have few facts to analyze here. 1. This line remained too big for five Partizan Euroleague games. This includes games against opponents that have strong overs on their games (Caja and Macabi). 2. If Partizan wants to win, they had to keep their games in under (they can win in over only if they have a special shooting game). They are happy with current score 3-2, so they shouldn't change anything in their approach. Partizan has the best fans and the biggest home advantage in euroleague. 3. Partizan is getting better as season goes, and last few games show that. They have scored 74 points against Caja, and 99 against Crvena Zvezda in Adriatic League which is more than they used to score in previous parts of the season. Also, it is important to mention that Gist and Lafayete are in squad now, and they weren't in season opener. (Lafayete played but that was his worst game in Partizan) 4. Zalgiris played over games against over teams(Macabi and Caja) and under games against other teams. Conclusion: Despite getting better in attack, Partizan should remained focused on defense.(as they do in Euroleague in contrast to Adriatc League) Chasing +12 might change game a bit, but to chaise +12, they had to win this game first and that is not going to be easy task. If we don't count their first game(Zalgiris won 73-62), this teams would have same score. Trivia: Last year Partizan beat every team they played against until the Final 4. If that tradition continues, they should be able to do it in Pionir. Extra info: First quarter statistic was a bit specific in last two Partizan Euroleague games.. There was more points in first quarter than in other quarters: In game against Prokom we saw 38 points in 1st quarter (game finished with 131), and against Caja there it was 43 points (game finished with 145)
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