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L.A. Lakers VS Chicago Bulls



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Derrick Rose (CHI Bulls) over 23.5

L.A. Lakers VS Chicago Bulls match analysis

I expect a difficult match for the Lakers tonight, although they are in great form. The Lakers lead the NBA with 112.5 points per game, but they may have a difficult time reaching that number against a Bulls that has held seven of its eleven opponents to fewer than one hundredth points. If the Bulls will play a good match tonight, for sure is that Rose will be one of the major players on the floor. He's shooting a very solid 48.0% FG and 34.1% 3P averaging 25.2 points per game and he is the first scorer in Bulls. In general he is not afraid to take responsibility, that is what I've seen this year, his game is very explosive and can cause much harm to Fisher, who simply will not be able to compete with. For Bulls, after three days, this will be the first match after a victory in Dallas and Rose was in such a situation this season once this season, when he played rested, and scored 28 points in just 31 minutes. This was in the first game of the season in the away with Oklahoma. Otherwise, Rose carried out nearly 40 minutes on the court and takes about 20 shots which is quite enough to switch this margine. This is his fourth game on the tour on West and they scored 33 , 33 and 22 points in those games but 22 points scored in Dallas when whole team has achieved a relatively small number of points - 88. I think it will go over this margine tonight simply because there is no one that could guard him in the Lakers.
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