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Charlotte Bobcats VS New York Knicks



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Under 206

Charlotte Bobcats VS New York Knicks match analysis

There should be no way this match will follow the scenario that we have seen yesterday in this match-up. The Charlotte Bobcats are usually good in defending, but they somehow left that part out of their game yesterday. It was hard to understand how that happened, but every team can have a tough night and I guess the Charlotte Bobcats had exactly that yesterday. However, I expect them to bounce back in that regard today against the New York Knicks, so this game should be much slower and with less points. The Knicks should struggle heavily if the Bobcats improve in that regard and I do not think that either team will be able to go over 100 points here. It really seems that the bookmakers want to lure us into believing yesterday too much, but sharp tipsters should never rely on single results and I definitely won't do that here. This is a great opportunity that I will definitely take with solid stakes. Good luck, but it should (hopefully) not be needed if both teams perform how I expect them to.
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