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Orlando VS Miami match analysis

Miami (8-6) signed two high.profile players during the off season. Bosh from Toronto and maybe the biggest star off the game since Jordan..mister James. The two + Wade makes a magic threesome and a lot of people started talking about a record-breaking team would be in the making. So far it hasnt gone as smooth as predicted. Wade has been struggling with injuries and now last game they lost out on Udonis Haslem who will be gone for a while with a torn ligament. The team are up for a third straight loss here and Wade had terrible shooting stats in his last game out. I reckon this can be a wake up call for the big stars and what would be better than to go up against Orlando in the big Florida derby. In the start off the season Heat won this battle against Magic's with 96-70. Orlando (9-4) are looking ok this season but they might have to play without Carter here and that is a big loss for their game. J.J Redick will replace him and that is no way near as good. Other than that Orlando will look to their big guy up front Howard. He will have to perform big time here and not only but the points in but also try to out rebound a Miami team that have been terrible so far. Will they come fueled up for this one? I think so. 2.65 for Miami Heat with Bosh, Wade and James in the lineup..that is to good to be true. I'm going in head first :) Good Luck!!
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