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Charlotte Bobcats VS New York Knicks



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under 205.5

Charlotte Bobcats VS New York Knicks match analysis

Charlotte Bobcats is very good defensive team with coach Brown expert for defense, he win nba championship 2004. with 'bad boys' Detroit Pistons. Charlotte has very good speciallist for defense in Stephen Jackson who is very agressive on perimeter and Gerald Wallace in the paint, very pshysical players. Bobcats scoring 96.3 pts (24. in nba) and their opponents scoring 97.6 pts (10. in nba). In the other side is very offensive team with ex Suns coach D'Antoni who like fast basketball and quick shoots, they scoring 107.2 pts (3. in nba) and their opponents scoring 107.9 pts (27. in nba). Those two teams played yesterday and Knicks win at home 110:107, 217 pts in game, but i think that today will be under 205 because when Bobcats play home is very difficoult to score. Bobcats last five games total points on the game : 191, 223, 182, 228 and 217. Knicks last five : 238, 219, 244, 239 and 217 . Knicks can win if would be 210+ points, they have four win in a row and i expect today end of 4 winning streak
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