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Phoenix Suns VS Chicago Bulls match analysis

I am not sure why the Bulls are the underdogs here, when they have done little wrong so far (how can losing to the Lakers and the Spurs be considered bad at all?) and have the match-up on their side due to the number of rebounds they should be able to accumulate both in offense and defense against the Phoenix Suns, who will surely struggle in that department. The Phoenix Suns just won't be able to defend against the sheer number of easy attacks from the Bulls. And, on the other side, the Chicago Bulls will be able to stop a lot of attacking attempts from the Suns. Surely, the Suns will start to become frustrated as the game goes on and the Bulls can punish that. This is an excellent opportunity for the Bulls to get another valuable win under the belt against this overrated team of Phoenix. They are returning home after a long trip (and tough schedule altogether) and that is not usually and this means that the home advantage will be diminished to the point where it is basically worthless. Good luck.
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