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Rafa Nadal vs. Tomas Berdych




Nadal (-4)

Rafa Nadal vs. Tomas Berdych match analysis

Well, the first game for Rafa Nadal didn't looked too well but he has showed in his his next one against Novak Djokovic that he can at his real level right after his not so stable game against roddick. Rafa is a player that can force himself to play a great tennis after a not so good one, he has just proved that against djokovic when everybody was thinking that Rafa could not play at his best. Now Nadal will play against Tomas Berdych, a player who defeated Andy Roddick when he was clear underrated. Well, I don't think it will going to be a easy game against Berdych, but as long as Rafa will play the same tennis as he was against Djokovic IMO the czech man won't have real chances. Berdych can play nice tennis from the baseline, he can hit nice winners but still his attack is clear under Rafa's the best defence in the world. This pick is not so much about Berdych as about Rafa's great tennis, his motivation is huge here and IMO he should be in all control of his game. All in all, for Berdych will be just to much to compete against Nadal who is a so stable player, the most important reason why is much more probable that he will cover this game handicap. Good Luck!
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