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Charlton VS Luton match analysis

Charlton, second in League One, receives Luton, third on table in Conference National, for this FA Cup match. It is interesting that both teams - in respective championships - show good attacks. Charlton scored 31 goals in 18 League One matches, Luton has the best attack in Conference, with 41 goals scored in 20 matches. To this statistic we must add that for this match Charlton will have a reshuffled defence and midfield. For home team left-back Matt Fry (13atst+4 1goal) is suspended, while on loan Lee Martin (midf. 16atts+4 6goals) and Marcel Seip (def.) are ineligible. Midfielder Jose Semedo (20atts) is in doubt as centre-half Gary Doherty, (21atts+2).Skipper Christian Dailly (def. 14atts+1)is suspended, also. All these players unavailables have as consequence that in central defense we have probably- with Jonathan Fortune (6atts+2)- Miguel Llera that hasn't played matches this year. Luton has one defender and one midfielder - with other no important players - out. Of course with a difference of two championships Charlton remain as favourite to pass the round, but i think that with two so prolific attacks and an home defence with a lot of problems, both teams will able to score many goals
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