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San Antonio Spurs VS Dallas Mavericks



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San Antonio Spurs VS Dallas Mavericks match analysis

This is a must-play give the odds. The Spurs are just flying at the moment, but if there is time to fall, it is now. The Mavericks are playing well away and their team is by no means worse by that of the Spurs. Dirk Nowitzki is a man on fire right now and he is playing his hear out every single game, while the Spurs have shown some signs of fatigue and, perhaps, a small drop in form - they have struggled to beat Minnesota and have done that only in the overtime. Like other teams that have gone on insane runs, even this team is bound to lose eventually and the Dallas Mavericks seem to be just the right team for that, as they are consistent and will play right until the end of the game. The odds are good enough to take here, I have expected something like 2.30 to be honest, so I will take this instead of the handicap, although I suggest somewhat lower stakes than usually. The Mavericks should limit the Spurs in their scoring ability and play a tight match with a little bit of edge in this one. Good luck.
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