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Washington Wizard VS Orlando Magic



US United States


Orlando (-3.5)

Washington Wizard VS Orlando Magic match analysis

Orlando Magic are without a doubt the class act here, while the Wizards are huge underdogs. The thing is, even with full strength it would be like this. But the fact - the Washington Wizards are hugely struggling with injuries - all their best players have some problems. John Wall, Al Thornton and Andray Blatche may not play at all - and if that is true, only Arenas is left in the squad as a good player. And even if they play, you can be sure that they will not be fully fit. On the other hand, Orlando may still be without Vince Carter, but whatever - they have much deeper squad, so he will not be missed that much. All the other main players are fit and ready. They have already played recently with basically all players in and Orlando beat them big time. I cannot see what has changed here, except the fact that the Wizards are weaker, while Orlando are still the same. I pick the half-time handicap, because they may let just the bench play in the second half and that means it can end in many ways. Good luck.
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