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Cleveland Cavaliers VS Memphis Grizzlies


US United States


Memphis (-1)

Cleveland Cavaliers VS Memphis Grizzlies match analysis

I do not understand the odds here, so either I have it terribly wrong or this is a solid value for my money. Memphis are surely the better team in this match-up and based on this alone, they should be bigger favorites than this. But let's look at this closer. The Grizzlies have won their last three matches (including Miami, which is a great results whatever problems the Heat are having - and it comes with a confidence boost, especially when you consider how the last quarter went), while the Cavaliers have won just one over that period. The Cavaliers also had to travel a lot - in their last five, they have played just once at home. On the other hand, the Grizzlies have the record in exactly opposite fashion, which means they definitely are not very tired - the Cavaliers might be, and with their starting five being worse than that of Grizzlies, I fancy Memphis to take the win here in a nice manner. Personally, I would have the handicap a little bit higher, so this is a must-play for me. Good luck.
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