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Philadelphia 76ers VS New Jersey Nets


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Philadelphia 76ers VS New Jersey Nets match analysis

The Philadelphia 76ers are a horrible team, that is the bland truth. They have just three wins in sixteen matches, a horrible record. And they are on a losing streak right now. And while New Jersey had two days rest before this match, the 76ers are playing back-to-back matches (and 3in4 just before that). They will surely be tired after such a gruelling schedule - and having not won anything will not help their performance either. Sure, New Jersey are not a class act - but they have won more games and seem to be clicking better at the moment. They had some pretty tight matches that could have gone either way, like the loss against the Magic – that shows that they can perform well even against very strong opposition. I cannot say anything positive about Philadelphia, on the other hand. Their losses are usually not even close or anything. As a result, I will stick with this (in this match-up) underrated New Jersey team in this match, who have definitely shown more up to this point. Good luck.
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