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Houston Rockets VS Oklahoma City


US United States


Oklahoma (-2)

Houston Rockets VS Oklahoma City match analysis

Oklahoma City are a great team and they are showing every single bit of their talent. They have even beaten Boston Celtics - and they had some squad problems in that match, which makes it even more of an achievement. Russell Westbrook is on fire at the moment and Kevin Durant is a class act when he wants to be. On the other hand, the Houston Rockets are struggling pretty much from the start of the season. I do not understand why, but it seems that they wanted Yao Ming to be the heart of the team so badly that they just started to lose when he got out. Anyway, they are beating just average and poor teams and the team from Oklahoma is not in any of those categories. This may even be a total washout by the City if they play to the best of their abilities. And even if they don't, they should be able to cover the handicap quite handily, so I am playing this for 9 units, as I am pretty confident that the classier team will win here. The Rockets have been horrible since losing their key player and I cannot see this changing here. Good luck.
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