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Oklahoma City Thunder VS New Orleans Hornets match analysis

The New Orleans Hornets have suffered a little bit of a set-back after that impressive run early in the season. They have lost to the Spurs yesterday, even though they were leading by a double-digit number after the first half. On the other hand, Oklahoma City was poor in the 1st half yesterday and could only get back in the match in the second half, when it was a little bit too late. Statistics show that this trend is a long-term one, as the Hornets are on average up by 4.2 points by the half-time, while Oklahoma City are on average down by 0.8 points. And I can see a similar result today, with the Hornets dominating early on and then letting Oklahoma back into the game later on. There are no significant injury worries for either team and I think that the defense of the Hornets can really slow down the likes of Westbrook, Green and Durant early on, until they figure out a way to beat it. This team has a lot of potential and it has showed it at the beginning of the season, so expect them to bounce back from the loss yesterday.
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