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Memphis Grizzlies VS L.A. Lakers


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L.A. Lakers (-5)

Memphis Grizzlies VS L.A. Lakers match analysis

Los Angeles Lakers, great team and biggest favorite to win third time in a row nba championship. They have 13 wins in 17 games, but two defeats in a row, against Utah 96:102 and first lose game in a Staples Center against Indiana Pacers 92:95 when Kobe failed score 3 points two times in last 10 seconds. After averaging first 14 games 112.5 points per game, in last three games they have some problems with offense scoring only 95.3 points with 39.9% of field goals. Lamar Odom says that biggest problem of their offense is defense. Is going to be very interesting watch two brothers on the two side playing against each others, Marc in Grizzlies and Pau in Lakers,both centers. Memphis have 7 wins in 17 games and they are nothing special, last game defeat vs. poor Cleveland 86:92 .. Before two weeks, after their biggest win in season home vs. Miami, best Grizzlie Rudy Gay say that he cant believe that people in Memphis doesnt support home team, in arena was more Heat fans than Grizzlies fans... Win Lakers + 5 points with little bigger stake
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