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CSKA Moscow VS Panathinaikos




-1.5/Away Team

CSKA Moscow VS Panathinaikos match analysis

Before competition started, everyone expected that it is going to be between this two in this group. CSKA got a lot of bad luck, and they are now on the bottom. They went on American tour, which made their players tired, new coach and a lot of injuries were horrible combination. As they have 1-5 score, they had to blame someone, so they fired coach Vujosevic. Their statistic would probably say that it wasn't a mistake, but it is hard to say. In last game against Milano, they were leading, but they had to many Turnovers- to be correct 18. It was funny, if it wasn't important game for CSKA, anyone would assume that they have let Milano to win that game.. Of course, that wasn't the case, as it was crucial game for CSKA and Milano. On the other side, we have Panathanaikos, team with 5-1 score and coach Zeljko Obradovic. Obradovic and previous CSKA coach Vujosevic are big friends off the court, and I have some feeling that Panathanaikos is going to "punish" CSKA for firing Vujosevic. Without that, Panathanaikos is stronger team here, and team in better shape, so I don't see the reason why not to bet on them. Of course, CSKA is playing at home, and this is their last chance, but no-one on Greek side doesn't care about that - they will do everything they can to avoid second loss in a row.
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