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Khimky VS Partizan PMB



Under 144.5

Khimky VS Partizan PMB match analysis

I think that you are going to say "Really, again?" But I don't see the reason to stop. For those who weren't following them as much as I do, six Euroleague Partizan games - and six unders comparing to what bookies offered. It was 135, 140, 121, 131, 145, 130. In game against Caja there was total 145 points, over comparing with this limit, but Caja plays with much more points than Khymky. When I am looking from the distance, I am surprised to see that there was so many points in first game against Khymky (72-68), but you have to now that in first quater they scored 40 points. The important thing to understand that this low scoring games are only way Partizan can win in Euroleague. Now, more about the game. After first three round Partizan had score 1-2, but since then they have manage to beat (at the moment) worst team in group Prokom, and two home games (they have strongest home advantage in league). With score 4-2 they could be very comfortable, as they are very close to achieve their first goal - to be in top 4 in this group. Despite this great start (best on last decade..) they have decided to change play maker, so Lafayette is out, and Curtis Jerrells in. I don't know how ready is he for this game, but I am sure that this is not good for this game for Partizan. Jerralls never played with the team, and I am not sure how you can expect from him to organize attack. Bozic, Klobucar and maybe Kecman aren't players that could cover that position for the 40 minutes of Euroleague game. Jerralls as latest addition could ruin streak of "under" games, as Lafayette had shooting troubles. I don't worry for this game, but it is possibly that streak of unders will be stopped, probably in game against Macabi. This game is "the one" for Khymki after they allowed Prokom their first win. They share score 2-4 with Caja, and probably those two team are going to decide who will be fourth. As this game is important, big pressure could bring them trouble to score, and that is good for my bet. Also, Kelati will probably play in this game. 4 out of their 6 games were in under, and 154 points against Macabi is one of the lowest totals for Macabi games.
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