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Arsenal VS Wigan


-2/Home Team

Arsenal VS Wigan match analysis

Last day this month to finish positively. Two matches in The Curling Cup quarterfinals are going to be played today. At Emirates Stadium Arsenal host Wigan. I have not been lucky betting on goals lately but also see some goals to be scored today. Anyway, let's stick to the bet on home side to win comfortably. Looks like Arsenal is taking this Cup game seriously. In previous games they won against Tottenham (4-1) and Newcastle (4-0) away from home. Their last two home leauge matches wasn't however impressive. They lost both of them to ... Newcastle 0-1 and Tottenham 2-3. Should Wigan be competitive today then? I do not think so. They lost all of their last away games. They are placed in the bottom of the table and their goal difference is terrible. Now I suppose their main aim should be avoiding relegation and thet's the point were they should be focused right now. They have upcoming game against Stoke on Sunday and chances for important points in the league. And if they through to the semis, then two legs matches are awaiting. It's definitely not a good idea when they have to fight for their lives in the Premier League. I suppose Arsenal will field quite strong squad today (players like Bendtner, Theo, van Persie, Rosicky should start) and Wigan as I wrote should be interested more in their league survival. So Arsenal to win this one and show their dominance quite opposite to their last home games. My call is 3-0. Good luck!
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