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Cleveland Cavaliers VS Boston Celtics



US United States


Under 50 points

Cleveland Cavaliers VS Boston Celtics match analysis

Just one bet for the NBA today, the rest will be football, in which my form is much better at the moment. 50 points is a lot when we consider two teams that concentrate on defense, such as the two we have here - the Celtics and the Cavaliers (average points against if we factor in the home/away factor read about 93.5 for both teams). They have already played once this season and the first quarter went under quite comfortably. The Celtics will want to turn around the last match against Cleveland, which they lost surprisingly, so I expect them to defend carefully right from the start. Neither team is playing basketball based on the offensive, so I believe that will remain true and this bet will be comfortable. No injury concerns for the starting five, so the game should be quite balanced at the start. Also, the statistics suggest this bet may be a very good offer indeed. Even the bookmakers expect a slow match given the line they have given for the total points market. I just cannot agree with this line as it is, I would suggest about 48 or 47.5 points would be a fair offer that could go either way.
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