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Colorado Avalanche VS Atlanta Thrashers match analysis

I have already set a bet that Atlanta will score at least three goals on the match. I expect that they in the first period complete a part of that work. Trashers play very offensive in the last time, and they achieve very good results. They won the last five matches, four of them within 60, all of those with handicap and two with shutouts. Looking at the previous ten matches of Trashers, on each of those there were goals in the first period - on five matches exactly one goal and on the rest matches two or more goals. Even against a team with strong defense, such as Montreal and Boston. Colorado also ended five of the last ten matches with exactly one goal scored in the first period. Now, if we make a comparison between these two teams, we have notice that one of them has extremely good goalkeeper (Atlanta Trashers - Pavelec), and the second team has a little bit weaker goalkeeper (Colorado Avalanche - Budaj). Taking home ice of Colorado into consideration and, on the other hand, better goalkeeper at Trashers, I can conclude that in the first period we can expect only one goal, or no goals. I prefer one goal, because I do not believe that Budaj can reject all attacks of Trashers. I cannot expect the same thing on the other side, because Avalanche have problems with injured players, while Trashers have goalkeeper who allowed only three goals on the last five matches. Of course, this a risky pick, but which is not?
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