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Birmingham VS Aston Villa





Birmingham VS Aston Villa match analysis

While Birmingham are supposed to show up with a relatively strong squad tonight, the manager of Aston Villa will probably mix the team a little bit in order to keep the main players safe for the more important matches. And although he insisted that they are all great players that may just be lacking experience, we all know that they would never admit that the side could be weaker - but in reality, it almost always is. With that said, Birmingham is also always strong at home and the manager has said that they want to take this cup seriously, unlike their opponents, which might focus on the league more. Historically, Villa is doing better than Birmingham in the head-to-head matches, but this is a cup match and those are always something special - you all probably remember the matches yesterday and the shocking result in one of them. So, I expect the more focused and motivated team to prevail in this cup tie. The odds we are getting are very solid indeed, but I nevertheless suggest a little bit lower stake in this one. Good luck.
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