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Chicago Bulls VS Orlando Magic match analysis

Chicago have lifted themselves up since the season beginning and are now playing very well indeed. Orlando, on the other hand, is a great team overall with an impressive record. Also, they are still performing well at the beginning of the match and I can definitely see them taking the first quarter quite comfortably. No injury concerns for the starting five for any team and Orlando have a quite impressive starting five when we are at that. The fact that they have not been doing that well lately is definitely down to form, not quality. Their record in first quarters is pretty nice, while the one of Chicago is rather under the par. I am quite sure that the Bulls will trouble Orlando sometime during the second half, but I cannot see them doing that a lot in the first half. And if Boozer finally plays? So what? He will definitely struggle to adapt to the tempo, so i even doubt that the manager will put him there right from the start. And I am sure that this Orlando team can be pretty impressive when defending against the attack of the team from Chicago. At this sort of price, it is definitely worth a play. Good luck.
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