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Cleveland Cavaliers VS Miami Heat match analysis

After seven years playin in Cavaliers, Lebron decided to bring his talent to South Beach and today he's comming back first time after this. Today will be very interesting game, because people in Cleveland feelin that Lebron leave them on very ugly way, and people burn his dress and destroyin billboards in Ohio. Price of some tickets for game going around 5000 $. James will be very motivated tonight like a Jordan was against Knicks whole career, and Wade Bosh and rest of Heat team will give everything for his teammate Lebron and Heat win tonight. Lebron will not lose game tonigt, because everybody will joke him around. One of the nicknames for him in Cleveland is 'No ring king':) Miami start season very average, with 8 defeats in 17 games, but last 2 3 games they startin luckin good, last game they beat Pistons 25 points. This is first game of those two teams this season, and statistics of last season games arent relevant because both teams are completly different and both team has a lot new players
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