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Olympiakos VS Brose Baskets




over 13,5

Olympiakos VS Brose Baskets match analysis

Duda Ivkovic, Olympiacos coach made a statement in which he said that there will be no underestimation their opponent which might happened in the first match of these teams. In the first match Olympiakos was defeated with 12 points difference and it is certain that tonight will not be calculating and would try to get with a big difference. Spanulis is a player who has rocked Greece this summer, having crossed from Panathinaikos to Olympiakos. He is playing at guard psotion, also he is a member of Greek national team and, the most important, the player who spends a lot of minutes on the court, only little less than Teodosic, but takes a lot of shots. Also, he is undoubtedly player whose opponents fouled the most, he had 40 throws until now, the second placed Teodosic has only 19. I think that if Olympiakos take this game seriously, he must be at a high level. In the first match he scored only 11 points, but in that game entire team has made a poor 61 points, at least in all the previous matches but now at home, with little wind from the judges would be logical to go on longer as it is by nature a very sharp player. I expect Spanulis to go over this margine, he has minutes, has shots, has the freedom to play and I think it is quite realistic. In all previous matches at the home court, this player went over this limit, and I hope that this will be the case tonight, too.
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