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Cleveland Cavaliers VS Miami Heat


US United States


Under 24.5

Cleveland Cavaliers VS Miami Heat match analysis

This is something that needs to be taken at such a solid odds. The thing is, we all know how the fans in Cleveland prepared for this match. They certainly will let LeBron James know how much they are against him. He has himself admitted that it will be a very tough match to play mentally for him. And we all know what that means. I think that the manager might even change the strategy for him, so he will pass the ball around instead of going for the shots by himself. They have other players that can get the needed points. Anyway, under such tremendous pressure, he may become very frustrated and in basketball, you need to stay concentrated if you want to be accurate enough. He may also start to foul a lot if he gets annoyed with the game. Furthermore, the line is high enough all by itself - it is not like he will score 25 points every single time he gets to play. And with these conditions and circumstances, I think that odds well above evens represent great value, so I am more than happy to make a play here. Good luck.
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