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Cleveland Cavaliers VS Miami Heat


US United States


under 10,5

Cleveland Cavaliers VS Miami Heat match analysis

I think this will be tough and tight game and I do not think any team will be able to win with double digit margin. The whole world will watch return of King Le Bron to the place of his success, emotions will run for sure and I expect a very emotional match as possible with a small number of points. Miami is not playing on the level which is expected of them but I have the impression that they began to play a little bit better. Cavs had terribly bad period behind, the home ground not exist at all, but I believe that in this game could do a good job. In the last match at home vs Celtics they were blown out without any problems but today in this, for them, a very emotional match I do not believe that it will be convincingly defeated and who knows, maybe they can win. Their main player Mo Williams, after a lot of problems with injuries finally played a couple of good matches in a row and his performance could be very important tonight because of match up with Aroyo of whom is a lot better player. After this match, they will play 3 games on the road and tonight should give all of themselves. They will be strongly motivated, playing on their court and the other side Mimi has quallity. We will see what will be in this match but I think it will be a tough one with a small difference at the end.
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