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Charlotte Bobcats VS New Jersey Nets


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Brook Lopez over 21.5

Charlotte Bobcats VS New Jersey Nets match analysis

Brook Lopez is one of the best centers in league. He is big, strong, great blocker and great free throw shooter. New Jersey is poor team but he leading them in points per game. Last season he scoring 18.8, this year he improve to 19.7. Brook is one of the two players who can score 20+ points in Nets, the other player is Harris but Harris is injured. Last two games when New Jersey playing without Devin Harris versus New York 36 points and versus Oklahoma Thunder 28 points with 23 spent balls. Today they playing versus Charlotte Bobcats who is average team and they doesnt have some excellent defensive center. Today Nazr Muhamed and Kwame Brown will guard him, and i think that they are two limited poor centers. Average of points versus Bobcats of Brook Lopez in career is little bigger than career average vs. rest of league, vs. Cats 17.0 points per game and vs. rest league 16.3 points per game. I think that this is very good pick today because i think that only what can stop Lopez to score 22 points is getting fast fauls or game around 160 points
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