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New Orleans Hornets VS New York Knicks



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Chris Paul over 16.5

New Orleans Hornets VS New York Knicks match analysis

Chris Paul is one of the best points guard in nba with Rajon Rondo and Deron Williams, he is short and doesnt have perfect shoot but he is still amasing. He have excellent dribble, tehnique and feeling for assist. Most of 82 games last season he was injured and whole summer was speculation that he wonna to be trade in some team who has a chance to fighting for a championship, everybody think that he is going to Knicks but that isnt happend. Next year his contract is expiring and very possible is that he going to todays opponent. Hornets start excellent season but last few games they have some unexpected defeats but they gonna be very strog team in playoff. Paul scoring average 16.1 points in 18 games of this season but career average is much higher - 19.2 points per game. Last four games he didnt score 20+points on some game, vs. San Antonio 15 points, vs. Portland 16, vs. Oklahoma 17 and vs. Charlotte 9 points. Today they play versus Knicks who isnt some good defensive team and is gonna be a lot points tonight
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