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Serbia VS France match analysis

Choosing this bet because it will apparently stand even if the coaches decide to change the line-up before the match. France desperately need to win this in order to stand a chance to win the entire tie. And solid chances they will have if they win this. Let's look at the possibilities. France will definitely put up Llodra/Clement unless there are any injuries - these two know each other and have played together a lot of times - they are one of the reasons as to why the French were able to win so many ties early - they can dominate the match, they have good team strategy, both are excellent at the net. And what about Serbia? Yep, they have Zimonjic - but one player does not decide a doubles match, you actually need a team in order to succeed. And there is no player that will suit him - Tipsarevic needs some rest, Djokovic is poor in doubles - only Troicki remains and it is probable that he will be the partner. Troicki has played some doubles lately, but overall, they have not got any real experience together and I think that will be the deciding factor in the match.
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