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Varese VS Reggina match analysis

Another big knock on the door of Varese: after Atalanta, Empoli and Livorno, Reggina it is up to challenge the red and white on the field of Masnago hoping to defeat the unbeaten home team of Varese. Varese, after the win at Padova on Saturday, spent a relatively quiet week, only affected by the problem on the meniscus accused by Pereira Neto which probably will force the Brazilian ti a operation during the Christmas break. Unlike other times, however, the coach Sannino does not reveal the starting lineup after the training session, which took place Friday morning on a synthetic pitch. In theory there are no great doubts about Zappino, who had suffered a strain, but is ready to play. However, it remains uncertain the couple of attack: Sannino may want to postpone a decision until the last moment, to understand whether if and how much can Neto play. The alternative is Ebagua, expected to return and ready to support Cellini. I think that on the game at Padova, the most important thing about that game was not the victory, but confirming that Varese never gave up of the match. They were drawing until the last minute and then they scored the winning goal as a reward for their perseverance. Now Varese wants to win the three remaining games before Christmas to continue dreaming on this Serie B.
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