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Montedio Yamagata VS Kashima Antlers


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Montedio Yamagata VS Kashima Antlers match analysis

Montedio Yamagata has nothing more to play for on this league. This is the last day of J-League 1 and they will end on the bottom half of the table. On the other side we have Kashima Antlers, to me one of the best teams in this J-League. Despite they are on the second place, loosing this last game, they can fall to the fourth place and loose a precious place on next Champions League. Even with a draw, they will probably fall to that place as the two other contenders from Osaka (Gamba and Cerezo) are very very close. Gamba has the same number of points and Cerezo has one point less. Like this, Kashima Antlers has no other chance than win this last game to avoid any risk of loosing their deserved second place. The hosts, as i said, have nothing to play for and they are with their head already on vacations after so hard season. I think Kashima Antlers and their powerful football won't miss this chance and they will make their last effort to assure the Champions League place on next season.
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