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Bassano Virtus VS Cremonese

IT Italy



Bassano Virtus VS Cremonese match analysis

Both team with 19 points in Gr. A, both perfectly in middle table, three points over relegation zone and three points under playoffs zone and almost equal performances in the year (5-4-6 13/14 for Bassano Virtus and 4-7-4 17/17 for Cremonese). But for this match, Cremonese could be helped by the great problems in home team. For Bassano Virtus trainer is banned and with him three regulars Baido (strker 9atts +1 2goals), Caciagli (midf. 6atts+4) and Venitucci (midf. 11atts+1). Other three important players are doubtful, Crocetti (striker, topscorer 8atts+5 5goals), Porchia (def 9atts) and Mateos (midf, 13atts. ). They have also a longterm injuried, Iocolano (midf. 1att+ 5 as sub) but not very important one. Away team has out ony regular midf. Fietta (12atts. ), but this is not a new absence. Cremonese started the championship with higher target then a midde table position and has a team wih more quality then Bassano one, so at least a draw with problems in hosts is a reasonable bet.
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