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Portland Trail Blazers VS L.A. Clippers



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Portland (-2)

Portland Trail Blazers VS L.A. Clippers match analysis

The team from Los Angeles is deep in the bottom half in the NBA when we look at the first quarters, while the Trail Blazers are definitely above average in that department. Furthermore, they will be looking to bounce back from some of their under par performances and against this team, it should be relatively easy to do just that. You cannot really compare the starting fives of the teams - the starting five that plays for the Clippers is really average and, what is even worse, it is not performing to its standard. The team has recorded just four wins this season, which means they really are at the bottom of every single table there is. The losing mentality certainly drags them down all the time and they know that they are huge underdogs at the start of every match they play. Portland, meanwhile, can still have a good season if they start winning matches now. This match-up is really favorable for them and I cannot see why they should not come on top with a solid margin from the first quarter in this match. Good luck.
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