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Liverpool VS Aston Villa




Aston Villa (+3 corners, EH)

Liverpool VS Aston Villa match analysis

Just to clarify, this is an European handicap, so if Liverpool win by 3 corners exactly, the bet is lost. Aston Villa is a team that is able to get a lot of corners by going into counter-attacks against teams like Liverpool. Liverpool is missing some important players and I think this can have a positive effect for this bet. Statistics from the previous matches of these two teams this season show that Liverpool are less able to generate many corners as Villa are, especially against good teams. The fair handicap, in my opinion, is perhaps +1 corner, but +3 is a little bit too much, so I see a lot of value in this pick. Straight team corners win can also be played, but it obviously bears a lot more risk. I certainly do not see this match as a very one-sided event. Liverpool may win in the end, but I do not expect them to score more than two goals. They like to be a little bit defensive-minded and their games are usually low-scoring, as we have seen even in their European matches this season. Good luck.
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