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Portland Trail Blazers VS Phoenix Suns



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Jason Richardson under 22.5

Portland Trail Blazers VS Phoenix Suns match analysis

Jason Richardson is good player, 29 years old, very good athlete and nice shooter but he isnt sow good player that he can be first scorer of some playoff team. Before two seasons he scoring averaging 16.4 points per game, last season 15.7 points per game and this season 21.2 ppg. Reason for this is that first offensive option Amare Stoudemire leave Suns and go to the Knicks. This year Suns add Turkoglu and Chilldress but they arent spend sow many shoots like Stoudemire was and now Richardson have 16.2 shoots per game (last season 12.6). Last three games Richardson score 25, 21 and 21 points. Today Suns play in Portland vs. very good playoff team with great french defender Batum who can leave Jason R. under 20 points. One more reason why i play this pick is that first pg of Portland and solid defender A. Miller is suspended for tonight and i expect that Nash going to score 15+ points tonight and take some more shoots that usual. Player who scoring 21.2 ppg and playin away vs. good team with good defenders (Batum, Camby) under 22.5, i think that this is good pick,little bigger stake
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