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Matchday 6



Under 22

Matchday 6 match analysis

A little odd bet, I know. But I see value in these odds. Basically, this line suggests that each game should provide 2.75 goals. And I strongly believe that it is much more likely that something like that will not happen. There is not much to play for in today's matches - many teams are already qualified and many teams are already out of the competition. Furthermore, there are not many matches that would be likely to provide a lot of goals. Barcelona? With so many players on bench, I really doubt it. Tottenham? Again, some team problems. Lyon? Well, I do not really expect more than three goals there. The odds given are also a good incentive. I think that the likelihood of this going under is about 60 percent. And 2.11 = 47.37 percent. So if my evaluation is correct (of course, it might not be), this bet offers a lot of value and the line is off a little bit. Personally, I would set it at twenty goals. So, in the end, let's hope for some defensive and unmotivated football today. Good luck.
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