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L.A. Lakers VS Washington Wizards



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Kobe Bryant under 29.5

L.A. Lakers VS Washington Wizards match analysis

Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in nba, very controversial player who is older and older but still is one of the top players because he has big experience. Today Lakers playin against poor Washington. Lakers have some bad results in last 5 6 games, 4 defeats in a row. Last game vs. Sacramento they look good, Kobe score 22 points but games before that he was over in most of the games and Gasol under because he has some problems with injury. Kobe scoring averaging 26.5 points per game this season, but in games where Lakers in 3. quoter lead +20 points he didnt play last quoter and today is very good chances that Lakers take 20 points lead before last quoter because Lakers must play much better and i expect today. Kobe career average is little bigger than average in 24 games vs. Wizards 25.3 / 25.1 points per game.Pau Gasol isn't 100 percent to play today but if he gonna play i think that that pick must be under 30 points. Lakers play home,so i will play that pick with medium stake
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