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Charlotte Bobcats VS Denver Nuggets


US United States


Denver (-1.5)

Charlotte Bobcats VS Denver Nuggets match analysis

I cannot understand why the Nuggets are only marginal favorites here, since they have much better line-up than the Bobcats. They are also playing much better at the moment, which is reflect by the record (13-6). The Bobcats are still struggling to get anything from their matches and especially their scoring ability is very questionable. They have a losing record and none of their players seem to shine. They are just not clicking together very well and I think this trend will continue in the match today. The Bobcats are losing even to teams that are much weaker than themselves on paper. On the other hand, Denver are on excellent run of form and they will be looking to move further up the league table with a victory over this rather average team. The Nuggets have many players that can excel and score more than twenty points in the match and I am sure that the Bobcats will struggle to cope with that ability. And ultimately, I expect them to fail in that task. Higher stakes for me in this one. Good luck.
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