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Portland Trail Blazers VS Phoenix Suns



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Portland Trail Blazers VS Phoenix Suns match analysis

In the previous match Roy disappointed me because he played pretty bad for his standards, scoring 14 points. However, in this match situation is slightly different for several reasons. Firstly, the team will be without Andre Miller, who plays the position of playguard and who can be quite selfish and takes a lot of shots. As he Blazers team that seriously lacks in the points from the paint, Brandon Roy must tonight lead his team and the potential he certainly has. The good thing is, like we all know, that for years what Suns games look like and especially their defense. Suns simply push with their run & gun every opponent to play faster than it wants, it is logical that Roy tonight, if nothing else, has more attempts than usuall because the entire Portland team certainly will have more attacks however they play against the "normal" opponents. In his career, Roy played awesome against the Suns, the average was 22.6 points from 13 matches against them, this season have already played one, and scored 24 points. That match was also played in Portland, like this one, and it should be noted that in the last 4 matches vs Suns at home, Roy's on average more than 30 points, more precisely, 32.3. Because of Miller's abcence, I expect efficient Roy with a lot of shots, still remains for him to carry out the work.
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