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Independiente VS Goiás





Independiente VS Goiás match analysis

Independiente receives Goiás tonight on the stadium Libertadores de América on the second leg of Copa Sul-Americana. On the first leg, last Wednesday, Goias won 2-0 and they will be champion if they loose by a single goal marge. The game promises to be very hot tonight. The last Argentinian training session was watched by 5.000 fans, with the authorization of the coach Antonio Mohamed, who supported the team. The host side will play without their main offensive weapon, Andrés Silvera, who was sent-off on the first leg. Due to that, the coach will improvise a forward, Parra, and a midfield with a majority of offensive midfielders, trying to attack by the lateral sides. Nicolás Martínez and Patrício Rodríguez will be the more offensive, Cabrera on the right side and Fredes on the other side. Without any doubt, beside the provocations -trying to avoid a rest during the noght on the hotel or not let Goias training on the field- Goias should be very unit specially on the first twenty minutes of the game. With a full stadium, will be the first international final since the inauguration of Libertadores de América, Independiente will try to score as soon as possible to be closer of a turn over. It will be interested to see, on the new stadium, the host side will make a turn over as it was tradition on the old good times of Independiente. They will count with the support of their fans. Goiás, on the other side, is trusting on their good away record on the competition, and most of all on the result they got on Serra Dourada.
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