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Maccabi Tel Aviv VS Partizan PMB




2 (+14.5)

Maccabi Tel Aviv VS Partizan PMB match analysis

I have a tough task here, and that is to forget two games: last Partizan away game (Khymki - Partizan 92 - 65 ), and Macabi game against Prokom (99 - 58). Those two are sending clear message, and that is why we saw handicap raising from 12 to 14 points. If I learned something about Partizan, that is that they often surprise: if they are underdogs they win, and when they are favorites they screw it up or at least struggle. After they lost game against Khymky, which is not surprise, as they have changed player on a major position, they will have to improve their game. Vlada Jovanovic promised that Partizan will do better job today. It is important to say that Partizan plays adriatic games in Saturday/Sunday and Euroleague games on Wednesday/Thursday, and this schedule make them suffer, as they have only one away win in both competitions they participate. I hope that Partizan will be able to improve their score tonight, as I hope that Jerrels will play much better and longer, which should allow Bozic and Kecman to deal with deffensive tasks. Macabi is the best team in this group. They are only team that manage to beat Partizan in Pionir (in both competitions Partizan participate in). Macabi has a very strong motive against Partizan, as Partizan kicked them out in last year play-offs. And, they have showed that they want to win every single game in this group.. but in this stage of competition, when they have two wins more than first opponents, and better score against both of them (they have beaten Partizan in Belgrade, and they won both games against Zalgiris) I am guessing that surprise could happen today (at least with 14 points handicap ). No-one is going to admit that, but I doubt that Macabi players see this game as major one..
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