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Maccabi Tel Aviv VS Partizan PMB




under 11.5 points

Maccabi Tel Aviv VS Partizan PMB match analysis

Well, handicap continued to grow since my last post, and now it is going up to 15. People around the world do not agree with my opinion about the game.. Anyway, as I already said Macabi is the only team that manage to beat Partizan in Pionir. The key probably was their strong defense on Jawai, as he manage to score only two points and that was his worst game in Euroleague by far. Jawai scored total 78 points in 7 games (11.1 per game) and his number of points seemed to be related with the opponent. If you look at two games against Zalgiris he scored 6 points in first and 9 points in second game. If you take a look games against Khymky he scored 15 points in first game and 16 points in second game. In first game against Macabi he scored 4 points. How many do you expekt he will score tonight? Over or under 11.5? I hope that my logic is good, and is it, we are going to see tonight. With high scoring game, I could face problems with this bet.. but it is very possible that Partizan will play tougher defense than it was against Khymky.. that's their only chance tonight..
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